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Is It Happily Ever After?

The Learning Channel, better known as its household name TLC, has been at the forefront of making people who lived in middle America household names. Their reality shows were groundbreaking in the fact that the stories being told were of regular, real people living lives that differ from our own. Now, do I think they exploit some of, if not, all of the cast members on their reality shows? Yes. Are some people in it for the money? Of course. Am I going to continue watching these

shows knowing how problematic they are? That’s a secret I’ll never tell.

I first heard about TLC back in the early 2000s with the hit show Jon and Kate Plus 8 about a married who had twins and then ended up having sextuplets. The show ended up being a success and made Jon and Kate Gossling celebrities in their own right. From there, we saw a boom in white families having too many kids being showcased on our television screens.

Now, as much as I want to talk about the drama with these large families… I could care less. What I want to talk about is the mess of a reality show called 90 Day Fiance, specifically the spin-off Happily Ever After?

I always knew about the existence of 90 Day Fiance but never bothered to take time to watch it. I thought I was above reality TV when I got older. But oh boy… This show was messy in the best way possible. The premise of the show revolves around couples who got accepted for the K-1 visa and have 90 days to marry each other. The K-1, or fiance visa, allows American’s to have their partners who live in a different country to live in the U.S. and ultimately start a family. It is very difficult to get accepted for the K-1, so when they do get accepted, it’s a big deal. TLC opened my eyes to some of the struggles these couples have undergone just to be with the ones they loved.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? takes a closer at what happens when they say I do. This is where my mom and I started watching from Hulu. I wanted to put on something mindless in the background while we were hanging pictures and instead, we got hooked. The couples were dramatic, fighting over money and their family, and emphasized why therapy should be required for everyone on the show. There are couples on there that make for great television. Take for example the tumultuous demise of Danielle and Mohammad. Mohammad was from Tunisia and met Danielle from Ohio on a dating site. They applied for the K-1 visa and began to build a life together. However, the honeymoon stage was quickly washed when trust, love, and honestly was not the foundation of their relationship. Accusations of infidelity, lying about their finances, family members not trusting Mohammad’s intentions. Their list of issues was miles long. So when the first episode of Happily Ever After? opened with Danielle looking for Mohammad, I knew right then this show was going to take me on a journey.

Danielle and Mohammad just happened to be the most controversial couple, almost the outlier of what to expect on the show. And if I could add my two cents here, not my favorite couple. In the same season, we meet Lauren and Alexi (the superior of all the couples on the show. I am not willing to debate this). Lauren met Alexi on her trip to Israel. They fell in love and knew they wanted to be together forever. Their story seemed the most genuine. They looked as if they loved each other, through thick and thin. They applied for the K-1 visa three times. THREE TIMES. This is an expensive process, so the fact they tried so many times proves how committed they are to this. They dealt with the culture of living in a new country, making sure their families got along and dealing with Lauren’s condition of having Tourettes and wondering if this is going to be passed down to their kids. They felt honest. What I wanted the show to be about. But, that doesn’t make for good TV now does it? We want the hot mess couple, the toxic individuals, male insecurities, we NEED the drama.

My mom and I currently on season 3 of the show and the drama has been turned up to an 11. None of these couples seem stable and everyone needs therapy. Maybe I will wrap up my thoughts once I finish the series. So for, my new favorite person is Annie from Thailand who moved to Lousiville with her husband David (a terrible man child too old to be acting like a man child). She takes shit from no one and is about her business. I needed to write this because I have been slacking with writing and I need to commit to a schedule.

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