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And The Oscars Go To...

Okay, so I have been watching the Oscars for as long as I could remember. The glitz of the celebs walking the red carpet, Joan Rivers adding her witty banter with everyone’s fashion and of course the amazing after parties that happened afterwards. I somehow woke up extremely early this morning and was able to watch the live nominations for 91st Academy Awards. I could spend this time listing the nominations, but… let’s play a fun game. My favorite thing to do when these nominations are out is to pick who I think should win in the categories I care about. Granted, I haven’t seen all the movies, but I know enough about each film to make an educated guess on who should/ might win in these categories. So, without further ado, Here are MY winners for the 91st Academy Award.

Best Actress in Supporting Role:

Now, as much as I want justice for Amy Adams who has not won a single Oscar (which is just astounding) I going to give this round to Regina King in If Beale Street Could Talk. She plays the supportive mother who helps her daughter get through her pregnancy and help the fiance get out of prison. Her scene in Puerto Rico alone should garner her all the awards. Also, I have to thank her for shaping my formative years with her work on The Boondocks.

Best Actor in a Supporting Role:

This is where the tough choices come to play. As much as Sam Elliott's role in A Star is Born added more emotional weight to the whirlwind romance, I am giving this round to Kylo Ren himself Adam Driver in Blackkklansman. Let’s not forget his character was the one who had to infiltrate the klan in person, get initiated and have to hear redneck racist spew hatred about not only black individuals but Jewish people as well. The way he eased through playing a raging bigot to back to a policeman looking for change was amazing to see.

Best Animated Feature:

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse is one of the best animated features to come out this decade. The story felt fresh, the animation was just out of this world and the aesthetic is something I could fully support. Miles Morales was a nice edition to the Marvel cannon and reminded me of the same feeling when I first saw Static Shock when I was younger. This movie will age well and I can’t wait to actually see this film win.

Best Original Song:

Okay… this is the category where I feel like I know who is going win, but just to fill my own fantasy, I am going to give this round to “All the Stars” by Kendrick Lamar and Sza. I love it when a hip hop song wins a Oscar because I feel it shakes the status quo and praises black artist when it’s due (looking at you Three 6 Mafia). Plus, it would be nice to see Kendrick Lamar as the most decorated hip hop artist with an Oscar and a Pulitzer Prize. The best part about this category are the performances we will get out of it on the Academy Award stage.

Best Adapted and Original Screenplay:

I am going to lump these categories together. For adapted, If Beale Street Could Talk has my vote. When watching the film, it felt as if I could see James Baldwin’s words really be represented on screen. One of the best love stories that will live on forever. For original, Roma has produced some emotional moments even in it’s more quieter scenes. This film tells the story and struggle of a maid working 1970s Mexico who just goes through the ringer with her employer and deadbeat baby father.

Best Actor in a Leading Role:

Bradley Cooper in A Star is Born deserves this award in my personal and professional opinion. Cooper picked up the film from Clint Eastwood, changed his voice for singing and produced a stellar performance as an alcoholic superstar was compelling to see on the big screen. His chemistry with Lady Gaga seemed so believable on and off screen. One of his best performances to date.

Best Actress in a Leading Role:

Lady Gaga in a A Star is Born put her entire foot into this performance and if I know the Oscars, they appreciate meta work from actresses in films like this (see Emma Stone in La La Land). Her performance felt real because she has most likely has gone through some of the pivotal scenes herself. We knew she would eventually dabble in acting however on this magnitude was something uncalled for. With this nomination and hopefully a win, she has reached icon status in her own right.

Best Directing:

Spike Lee’s Blackkklansman was a return to form for the legendary director. This film felt timely and current especially with its ending sequence. It felt humorous at parts where it should be and suspenseful all at the same time. It finally felt like a movie that discusses issues of race without sounding preachy or pandering.

Best Picture:

Well, I never get this category right because I choose my favorites… so with that being said I am going with Black Panther just because this nomination is historic in it’s own right whether it wins or lose. To think we were going to have a Popular Films category just to have this film to win an Oscar and to nobody surprise comes out with several nominations including the top prize.

Now I could go into all the films I thought her harshly snubbed but that saved for another time. I will be coming back to this when the awards come out. If you are into the Oscars, tweet me and tell who should win in each category.

I’m Taylor with Moore To Say.

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